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Greetings from Arlington, Texas! Welcome to our web site, the internet presence of our prosthodontic practice. We want our patients to be informed decision makers and understand the issues you, or your loved ones, may be facing. That is the reason we have developed the contents in this web-site to provide that useful information about prosthodontics and our approach to providing care. You can also find background information about our prosthodontist, staff, scope of our services, office hours, appointment and financial options, map and directions to our office. We encourage you to take a few moments to review the site to get a feel for the type or practice ProsthoWorks has been set up to be our capabilities and philosophy. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or request an appointment.

"Why ProsthoWorks™? 

Herein lies the reason the corporation was named ProsthoWorks. It is precisely what that implies - it takes Work to make prosthodontic care work for the patient. Nothing comes easy by the time patients are referred to us. We work very hard to deliver the service our patients' needs, now and for a long time to come. There are few short cuts in life, and simple elegant solutions come with a good deal of fore thought and coordination. Just because we make it seem easy sometimes, does not mean results happen by chance or luck. It takes training, patience and a good amount of persistence. Because we need to look at what is good for the patient in the long run, based on sound medical and dental evidence. We rely on basic sciences, the biological and bio-mechanical research to make clinical decisions. Not just because we, or someone, says so. Our patients must understand that, and be willing to invest not just their financial resources, but their time and effort to maintain the work we put in our patient's mouth. That is the other part of Work we refer to, we all work together to maintain the optimal oral health for you, our patient. And it will take time, especially the planning phase.

Part of that team include many talented dental laboratory professionals, your referring dentist or other providers, with whom we work very closely with to maximize collaboration and coordination to improve and maintain your oral health. For those who have yet to establish such a dental home, we will provide some options based on your specific needs and preferences."

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